Makeup remover wipes

Customized high-quality Micellar wipes


Custom Logo
Min. Order: 50000
Custom packaging
Min. Order: 50000
Graphics customization
Min. Order: 50000

Key attribute

Core industrial specs

materialNon anyaman
Sheet size15×1 6cm/15×2 0cm/18x20cm/adjusted

Other attributes

The place of originGuangdong, China
Their namSweet carefor
Age groupadulthood
usingMakeup removal
purposeHands/face/cleaning mouth
priceInstant sales factory
package1.20.25.80,100 pieces/wrap or customized
certificateThe European Union’s & GMPC ISO. BSCI
heavy40 ~ 60gsm
sampleThe offered sample
featureSoft and thick, free tear formula
materialWater RO Aloe Vera VE

Packaging and shipping

Packaging detailsFlowpack (back sealable label/ plastic lid lid /flip dispenser); 2. Tubes; 3. Container; 4. Tub/box; etc
harborShenzhen port

Supply capabilities

Supply capabilities2000 packs per Day

Waiting time

Quantity (Sir)1 – 5> 5
Estimated time (day)7To negotiate

Product description

High-quality Micellar wipes

Micellar water-busting wipes

Micellar water makeup remover diapers can be effective in cleaning facial makeup, removing lipstick, rouge powder, black eyes and other cosmetics. Waterproof makeup can also be cleaned.

  1. No alcohol
  2. Light formula, no irritation.
  3. Perfect for anywhere
  4. Wear it comfortably

Micellarspecs busting paper

materialSpunlace nonwoven (nets, plain or woven of pearls)
Heavy:35 ~ 60GSM
Size:1516.5cm;1520cm; 1620cm; 1820cm; 2020cm; 2030cm etc.
Parfum:Scented or odorless, adjusted
Packaging:One piece. Six pieces. Eight fruit. Ten pieces, 200 pieces
colorPure white
certificateGB/T27728. ISO9001.2008,SGS. Gmpp EU & US,BSCI
patternsPLain or gold pearls
Aplikasi:Body, hands, face, mouth, etc.
MOQ1×20 feet per design
Payment terms:By TT deposit 30% before production. Balance 70% before loading
Delivery time:30-35 days after deposit
materialAqua, extract of Aloe Barbadensis leaves, Vitaim e. tech-40 oil oil. Glycerin. Citric acid. A.SAP.

Micellar water-busting wipes

Company information

Imperialist and Shenzhen Co.,Ltd.

Baby wipes are the most professional. Wet wipes. Adult tissue. Baby shower paper. Facial tissue. Kitchen paper towels
90% of south China’s OEM baby tissue manufacturers
Toilet paper and baby wipes with personal tags designated for the best brands in the United States and the European Union
Principal member of China’s national paper industry association (cnhdia)
Major product

Tisu Penghapus Riasan Air Micellar Berkualitas Tinggi Yang Disesuaikan
GMP workshop class 100,000 (no germs & no dust)
Tisu Penghapus Riasan Air Micellar Berkualitas Tinggi Yang DisesuaikanTisu Penghapus Riasan Air Micellar Berkualitas Tinggi Yang DisesuaikanTisu Penghapus Riasan Air Micellar Berkualitas Tinggi Yang Disesuaikan
Tisu Penghapus Riasan Air Micellar Berkualitas Tinggi Yang Disesuaikan


– P1. Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?

A: we’re the manufacturer.

Q2 How many production lines do you have?

A. we have 32 production lines

Q3 What’s your product range?

A. our products include: baby wipes. Wet wipes personal care. Wet wipes of cleaning & office cleaners. Wet wipes & car. Wet tissue for the hospital/patient, wet tissue disinfection. Wet wipes for pet care. Wet towel. Sun tan yourself. Toilet paper for adults and for babies. Facial tissue. Kitchen towels, hand towels etc

Q4 Did you do a personal Label production? How do I get him out?

A. yeah. We did a private label production for all these items. To have your personal label, first, you have to give us the artwork that outlined you for the package design. Tell us the size of the package/formula you want, and we’ll make a sample for your final confirmation.

Q5… Can we be your agents in my territory for your brand products? How many foreign agents do you have today? A. yeah. Now our brand of Sweet Carefor is looking for a single agent. We have agent sol in HK. Nepal. Thai. Ghanaian. Etc.

Q6. What is the difference between their sweet care and their kiss?

A sweet treatment and the smell of water are two brands in our company, each containing more than 60 UPC. Both include cereals and baby dry wipes. Sweet treatment for oral sereis made into baby hands, a series of antibacterial baby wipes, a series of soy protein fibers baby wipes. Bamboo baby tissue series baby tissue & toilet paper series; But the water kisses make up from under the care of tissue towels for sereis babies. Baby wipes olive oil. A series of bamboo baby wipes. The series of wet wipes mom’s care. Infant tissue & series of toilet paper. There are 1200 distributors in China for the two brands and the product available in 3,000 baby shops and supermarkets.

Q7. Which quality & default certificate do you have? How are the workshops and your Lab? A.imperial under A certified BSCI factory, GMPP EU & AS. ISO9001.2008. Product tested by SGS. Intertek. – SMQ. Etc. Our workshop is a 100,000 degree clearance workshop that is below GMP standard which is without germs and without dust. We have an independent lab of class 100.

– Q8. How many workers do you have? How many rd staff and sales staff?

A. we have 110 workers and 10 rads with 40 sales staff. Because all our machines are upgraded automobile, so it takes less workers to handle the engine. One to two. All the workers do the work package.

Q9. How are your qualities and you have a competitive price?

A. Imperial brand product is famous for its superior quality, package and design best. We aim to deliver the best quality baby wipes to babies in China and babies from around the world. Our brand is well recognized by the Chinese market and 50 countries in the world. We drip material cheap, so we don’t have a product at a very low price. Our company can ensure that the baby’s tissue will give value to the money.

Q10. Can I visit your factory or office? Where’s Agan’s address?

A. yeah. We welcome you to visit us anytime! Our manufacturing address is 523 #, liudongyi street, Changlong district, Huangjiang city, dongguan city, China (mainland)

B office address: 16th floor, Xiangzhao building, Fulong road, Bujiuwo, Longhua new Area, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China (land)

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